Are you ready to manage your life and home with peaceful confidence…

but you’re crazy-busy with kids, food, laundry, floors, your side-hustle, and [fill in the blank]

AND time is constantly slipping away leaving nothing left for fun… you just want some peace and quiet…

Hey there, mom of little ones…

I see you, I’ve been there… you don’t get enough sleep at night. And, maybe you also feel like you can’t keep up with the laundry, the dishes, the meal prep and have any time to enjoy a hobby or passion project let alone a date with your husband.

Chaos is easy to fall into when you’re a mother to little people; there are a lot of needs to take care of, right?!

Maybe your family is starting to show signs of stress and anxiety…? Messy on the outside, messy on the inside.

I get it. I understand the discouragement.

You know peaceful confidence in home management is possible, you’ve seen others do it but…

All you want to do is escape into social media, a book, or binge-watch a TV series…

Or you feel like there’s no hope for your unique situation…

Perhaps the tub of ice cream and maybe trying again tomorrow sounds better?

You don’t have time to create a whole organization system on your own.

You know that there are tasks that you are supposed to be doing but you aren’t sure where to start!

You don’t want to waste money on home management print-ables tailored to somebody else’s life.

You’ve seen print-ables but they’re overwhelming with details and tasks that aren’t relevant to your life.

Just like you don’t make chocolate chip cookies without a recipe,

you don’t want to make a nurturing and beautiful home-life without a clear plan.

After 30+ years of life at home with nine kids, homeschooling, farm life, and more, I’ve broken down what I’ve learned over the years to help other moms make big changes quickly while creating a long term lifestyle of peace, clarity, and order.

My Story

Let’s talk about reality for a little bit. Way back in the beginning…

Reality for me was knowing what I wanted life to be like but not knowing how to get there. My previous life had been managed for me, from Kindergarten through college and jobs. Then I was at home and in charge of my own day with little people counting on me. I had to learn how to manage my days for myself.

I loved my life and my children, but I struggled with taking care of them and creating the home that existed in my dreams.

Can you relate?

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. So, I beat myself up for being lazy and undisciplined. I’m from Iowa and being a “slacker” is the worst insult. I was not kind to myself.

As the years went by, I learned, and we added children, and then we started homeschooling. Homeschooling added a new dynamic to my days and that was a challenge. We also had a farm business, another challenge. Then we had even more children and the amount of my homeschooling children grew every year. I learned a lot of lessons the hard way.

I learned how to get to there, peaceful confidence came with clarity, vision, systems and tools.

I created solutions to create better days, to have a peaceful home, to achieve order, to gain more time for fun and passion projects.

What if you could… wake up excited each day?

You can! It’s possible!

I discovered four key elements that every mom needs to face the day with confidence and excitement.

  • Clarity based on personal priorities and goals
  • A vision and mindset for your legacy
  • Systems created to suit your unique life
  • Time management tools

What this means for you…

is that you get a lifestyle that works for you.

You will gain clarity and insight as you contemplate your priorities and develop goals based on them.

You will consider all the factors that go into creating the atmosphere and life-beat of your ideal home.

You will capture a vision that leads to a home of legacy and heritage.

You will develop systems to make the lifestyle you design happen.

You will learn the time management tools that make the systems you create work.

When you implement the four key elements of clarity, vision, systems, and tools into your life, you will

gain the peaceful confidence that creates better days.

Here’s help!

Because I did the hard work of seeking out solutions and developing tools, techniques, and strategies, you don’t have to learn all the lessons the hard way.

Go from feeling overwhelmed to competent.

Experience order and peace as you create a smoothly running home.

Discover more time and freedom in your day.


The Home Management: Plain and Simple Blueprint Course

Packed with thought-provoking insight for bringing clarity to your unique life.

Learn to create systems that work for you.

Get strategy, tips, hacks, and more tools designed to save you time.

Made by a mom for a mom.

Move from tired and overwhelmed to competent peace.

The plan made for a busy mom like you:

  • Simple, do-able video lessons that are going to renew your life
  • SELF-PACED! Take as long as you need and revisit modules and lessons again and again.
  • Home Management: Plain and Simple Workbook lessons for each module
  • Journaling prompts for you to reflect and gain clarity, jot notes, and inspire transformative change
  • Step-by-step action plans to effect real life-alteration
  • PRINTABLES designed to be a springboard for inspiration
  • <<<<<PLUS an editable PDF to create your unique Home Management Book!>>>>>

Each lesson in the Home Management: Plain and Simple Workbook corresponds to a module in the course and includes videos, samples, templates, printables, and discussion in the community.

The editable home management book that you create inside the course is GOLD. You edit it to fit your life!

Included in the template are suggested routines that you can copy and paste into the book, edit to suit your unique life, and then print it out. Stick it in a binder and use until it’s no longer practical and then, do it again for the next chapter of life! 

Take a peek right here.

Why a personalized Home Management Book?

It is your daily guide, it tells you what to do when you don’t know what to do next.

Baby up all night teething? Sick kids? House is a wreck? Seasons change?

The Home Management Book keeps you on course. You’re making a system for you, not using someone else’s plan.

The Home Management Book is your brain outside of your overwhelmed and exhausted body!

This translates to peaceful confidence.

Help for making it all easier to put in place…

  • Home Management: Plain and Simple, the big book, in digital version. Learn on the go or while you’re nursing your baby.
  • Audio chapters of the book to correspond with each week in the course [this is the only place you will find audio of Home Management: Plain and Simple. Listen while you drive or wash dishes or fold laundry.

You’re busy, I know.

You can do this in bite-sized pieces. Baby steps count!

Read or Listen – Your choice for whatever suits your day and circumstances!

Then do the action items. You’ve got this!

One step at a time towards better days!

Designed for a mom whose hands are busy!

Coaching and Community

The best part is the coaching and community, just for course students:

  • an exclusive student community group with moms just like you
  • and weekly Zoom meetings with teaching and accountability

When you implement the knowledge and skills you learn in this course you will…

  • Discover clarity, confidence, and a peaceful outlook through reflective practices to inspire you
  • Gain more hours in your day as you create the lifestyle you want
  • Create individualized plans and systems for you, your unique family and home
  • Create better focus to get tasks complete because of the Home Management Book you create
  • Have at your fingertips strategies, tips, tricks, hacks, and more so that you know how to work more efficiently

See what others are saying:

definitely keeps me focused

I am loving using the home management binder that we made. I have been making more of an effort at scheduling my days. This definitely keeps me focused.
Mom to ten

tools to be successful

I was unprepared to be a SAHM/homemaker. I feel like Home Management: Plain and Simple gave me the tools to be successful and do it joyfully.
Sara, mom to five-under-five

enthusiasm and accountability

I was able to work through each section in great detail writing down projects, prayers, goals, and processes. Home Management: Plain and Simple gave me enthusiasm and accountability to work through a mental block I had regarding managing my home/schedule.
Daphney, mom to eight

Go from feeling overwhelmed to competent.

Course Content

  • Heart and Mind
    • Goals and Systems
    • Self-Discipline and Attitude
    • Time and The Interrupted Day, Flexibility
    • Work Ethic, Repeating, and Teaching a New Chore
    • Your Personal Spa and Dress for Success, Taking Care of You
  • Home
    • Your Home Management Book and Morning-Evening Routines (this is where we put together YOUR personal home management book!)
    • Laundry Day
    • Kitchen Day and Mealtime Routines
    • Office Day
    • Town Day
    • Cleaning Day, Deep Cleaning, and Afternoon Chore Time
    • Gardening Day and The Lord’s Day
    • Project Day
  • PLUS Decluttering Instructionals

AND a Bonus Module, Coping While Exhausted and Overwhelmed

Yes! You can learn to cope with the bad days with the tool kits inside the course.

Ready to change your story?

Home Management: Plain and Simple Blueprint Course

The solution to manage your life and home with peaceful confidence.
What’s included?

Video Lessons (Valued at $397)

Digital book: Home Management: Plain and Simple (Valued at $9.99 on Amazon)

Home Management: Plain and Simple Workbook (Valued at $14.99 on Amazon)

Audio reading of Home Management: Plain and Simple (Valued at $27)

Printables, loads of them for your Home Management Book (Valued at $97 (that’s probably valued too low))

Menu plans with recipes and grocery lists (Valued at $97)

Home Maintenance Seasonal Calendar made for families with children (Valued at $27)

Personalized Home Management Book (Valued at $47)

How-to Instructionals (Valued at $47)


Exclusive community group with weekly homework ($104)

Weekly coaching meeting on Zoom ($997) [This is the secret sauce]

Your price $1864.98 $297

See what others are saying:

I finally feel like I’m a well-equipped homemaker.

Can’t say enough wonderful things about this course! I’ve owned the book since it was first published but I didn’t have the time, motivation, accountability, etc to really dig deep into the book. Between the audio clips, weekly zoom meetings, worksheets, assignments, and the prayer and collaboration, I was finally able to sink my teeth into this wonderful book. My days are truly “better days” and I finally feel like I’m a well-equipped homemaker.
Virginia, mom to eight

able to keep the whole house manageable

Just knowing how to have systems in place and having an idea of what to tackle and how frequently is great. Home Management: Plain and Simple taught me how to do a little bit of work now to keep the whole house manageable.
Cassie, mom to two

transformed my daily home life

The little things, like having a tidier home, can make a big difference. Home Management: Plain and Simple has transformed my daily home life.
Rebekah, mom-to-be
Still have questions?

No, the course is self-paced, you can start and move through it at your leisure.  It does not expire!

How much time you put into it is completely up to you, it’s self-paced.  If you want to set aside an afternoon per week to devote to coursework or work on it a little bit every day or take a week off or whatever, that’s up to you and your unique life and schedule. That said, we do cover a module in the Zoom call every week and you may like to jump in and proceed through the course as it corresponds to our calls.

The course has a lot of additional information plus resources such as video lessons, audio chapters, printables, templates, journaling for self-reflection, and lots of helpful and actually useful printables! YAY!

I personally think the best part is the editable home management book that you create inside the course. You can edit it to fit your life, it has suggested routines that you can copy and paste into the book and then print it out. Stick it in a binder and use until it’s no longer practical and then, do it again! I love that!!!  It’s what I did over and over through the years only this version is… much more aesthetically pleasing! 🙂

Also, there’s audio so you can listen to me read the chapters or listen to the videos as you do your daily work or in your drive time to kid activities.

And, there are Live meetings over Zoom where we can discuss content and you can ask questions.

Plus, there’s the support group for students so that you can meet other moms working through the course and discuss content.

The heart of the course are weekly Zoom meetings where all students can meet and we will discuss life and home management topics.  We cycle through the course modules but they are relevant to life no matter what. We all live in a house and have tasks to do to care for our homes. You can send questions to me that I will address in the Zoom meeting. If you have a question, concern, or struggle, it’s likely that someone else has the same and will benefit from a conversation around it.

There is also an exclusive community group on MeWe which is private and only for students of the course. There you can post questions to the group for discussion and support. There is also a chat feature as part of the MeWe group where you can enjoy community and talk about your days. 

If you’re like me and learned this stuff the hard way, then share the love and tell others about this course!

***Have questions? Send me an email

You can do it!

  • Video lessons to instruct and inspire as you transform your life
  • Home Management: Plain and Simple Workbook
  • Home Management: Plain and Simple digital book
  • Home Management: Plain and Simple audio chapters
  • Sample plans, worksheets, journaling exercises,
  • Menu plans including recipes and grocery lists
  • Home maintenance calendar made for families and their homes
  • Loads of truly useful printables
  • Your personal <<<Home Management Book>>> which is an editable PDF that you copy and paste into making it fit your unique life
  • Bonuses
    • Exclusive student community group
    • Weekly coaching inside community Zoom meeting
  • Lifetime access to the course contents


Yes, You Can!