The Home Management: Plain and Simple

Blueprint Course

What if I could show you the home management systems and strategies I used to make my best days even better…

while still having a bunch of kids at home (nine!), homeschooling, and running a business?

A HOW-TO home management course that step-by-step shows you the way to

make your best day even better!

Did you know…

That other moms don’t get enough sleep at night. And, that they also struggle with feelings of inadequacy, and insecurities?

You’re not alone.

Chaos is easy to fall into when you’re a mother to little ones; there are a lot of needs to take care of, right?!

Now making a little progress in your home life here and there is fine for getting by, for surviving…

But what if your family is starting to show signs of stress and anxiety because they’re impacted by your stress seeping out around the edges?

Let’s not go to that place, OK?

Home Management: Plain and Simple gave me the tools

I was unprepared to be a SAHM/homemaker. I feel like Home Management: Plain and Simple gave me the tools to be successful and do it joyfully.
Sara, mom to five-under-five

Problems that get in the way

problem #1

Escapism: Are you tired of those days when you escape into social media, a book, or binge-watch a TV series?

problem #2

Excuses: But, my family… But, my house… But, my work/business… But, we homeschool… But, the world is crazy… But I’m not like… But nobody understands that….

problem #3

Eating: The whole plate of cookies, the tub of ice cream, the whole bag of chips, the candy bar, the sugar and…

YIKES! Let’s stop the problems we create and break the boxes we keep ourselves in.

What if you could…

Wake up excited each day?

You can!

Home Management: Plain and Simple gave me enthusiasm and accountability

I was able to work through each section in great detail writing down projects, prayers, goals, and processes. Home Management: Plain and Simple gave me enthusiasm and accountability to work through a mental block I had regarding managing my home/schedule.
Daphney, mom to eight
Here’s help!

The Home Management: Plain and Simple Blueprint Course

This is what you get:

  • 13 weeks of modules, multiple lessons within each module.
  • SELF-PACED! Take as long as you need and revisit lessons again and again.
  • Home Management: Plain and Simple the big book in Epub format
  • Audio chapters of the book to correspond with each week in the course
  • Home Management: Plain and Simple Workbook lessons for each week
  • Step-by-step action plans to effect real change
  • Multiple videos to correspond with each module and the lessons within the modules
  • PRINTABLES to help with every step PLUS an editable PDF to create your unique Home Management Book!
  • 13 weeks of course content, plus implementation weeks with action items, plus BONUS material

Total Value: $2000

Today’s price: $197

This definitely keeps me focused.

I am loving using the home management binder that we made. I have been making more of an effort at scheduling my days. This definitely keeps me focused.
Mom to ten

This course is for you if:

  • You are frustrated and overwhelmed
  • Disappointed and worried
  • Stressed and nervous
  • Living in chaos
  • Tired and hopeless

This course is NOT for:

  • Excuse makers
  • Whiners
  • Slackers
  • I can’t because…
  • I’ll wait until…

If you’re like me and learned this stuff the hard way, then share the love and tell others about this course!

The Home Management: Plain and Simple is

systems and strategies that work, presented in an understandable way and easily applied in a step-by-step process.

Just knowing how to have systems in place

Just knowing how to have systems in place and having an idea of what to tackle and how frequently is great. Home Management: Plain and Simple taught me how to do a little bit of work now to keep the whole house manageable.
Cassie, mom to two

Course Modules

  • Welcome Week
  • Goals and Systems
  • Self-Discipline and Attitude
  • Time and The Interrupted Day
  • Work Ethic, Repeating, and Teaching a New Chore
  • Your Personal Spa and Dress for Success
  • Your Home Management Book and Morning-Evening Routines (this is where we put together YOUR home management book!)
  • Laundry Day
  • Kitchen Day and Mealtime Routines
  • Office Day
  • Town Day
  • Cleaning Day, Deep Cleaning, and Afternoon Chore Time
  • Gardening Day and The Lord’s Day
  • Project Day
  • Celebration Week
  • PLUS Implementation Weeks interspersed the modules for you to work on specific tasks

AND a Bonus Module, Coping While Exhausted and Overwhelmed

Meet Kim, author and teacher

Hi! I’m Kim. I’m a wife to an awesome guy and mom to nine children ages 31-15 plus some great in-law/love children and four grandchildren.

Let’s talk about reality for a little bit. Way back in the beginning…

Reality for me was knowing what I wanted life to be like but not knowing how to get there. My previous life had been managed for me, from Kindergarten through college and jobs. Then I was at home and in charge of my own day with little people counting on me. I had to learn how to manage my days for myself.

I loved my life and my children, but I struggled with taking care of them and creating the home that existed in my dreams.

Can you relate?

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. So, I beat myself up for being lazy and undisciplined. I’m from Iowa and being a “slacker” is the worst insult. I was not kind to myself.

As the years went by, I learned, and we added children, and then we started homeschooling. Homeschooling added a new dynamic to my days and that was a challenge. We also had a farm business, another challenge. Then we had even more children and the amount of my homeschooling children grew every year. I learned a lot of lessons the hard way. That’s my reality. We each have a story. What’s yours? And what are you doing about it?

Ready to change your story?

The little things…

The little things, like having a tidier home, can make a big difference. Home Management: Plain and Simple has transformed my daily home life.

Still have questions?

No, the course is self-paced, you can start and move through it at your leisure.  It does not expire!

How much time you put into it is completely up to you, it’s self-paced.  If you want to set aside an afternoon per week to devote to coursework or work on it a little bit every day or take a week off or whatever, that’s up to you and your unique life and schedule.

The course has a lot of additional information plus resources such as printables, lots of helpful printables! YAY!

I personally think the best part is the editable home management book that you create inside the course. You can edit it to fit your life, it has suggested routines that you can copy and paste into the book and then print it out. Stick it in a binder and use until it’s no longer practical and then, do it again! I love that!!! 

Also, there’s audio so you can listen to me read the chapters or listen to the videos as you do your daily work or in your drive time to kid activities.

And, there are Live meetings over Zoom where we can discuss content and you can ask questions.

Plus, there’s the support group for students so that you can meet other moms working through the course and discuss content.

The heart of the course are weekly Zoom meetings where all students can meet and we will discuss life and home management topics.  You can send questions to me that I will address in the Zoom meeting. If you have a question, concern, or struggle, it’s likely that someone else has the same and will benefit from a conversation around it.

There is also an exclusive community group on MeWe which is private and only for students of the course. There you can post questions to the group for discussion and support. There is also a chat feature as part of the MeWe group where you can enjoy community and talk about your days. 

I will be leading the weekly Zoom meetings and also be active in the MeWe group.

***Have questions? Send me an email

You can do it!

  • 13-week self-paced online course, plus implementation weeks and a bonus week
  • Home Management: Plain and Simple ebook
  • Home Management: Plain and Simple workbook
  • Home Management: Plain and Simple audio chapters that correspond with lessons
  • lots of sample plans, worksheets, journaling exercises, menu plans, and a home maintenance calendar made for families and their homes
  • loads of printables including your personal <<<Home Management Book>>> which is an editable PDF that you copy and paste into making it fit your unique life
  • Exclusive student community group
  • Weekly Zoom meeting
  • Lifetime access to the course contents
  • 30-Day money back guarantee